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Work Platforms


'The Linearizerô, series WP-400, is designed to raise or lower a worker to the optimum working height for maximum productivity with minimum risk of back injury and fatigue. Ergonomically speaking, the optimum working elevation for most jobs is 2" below elbow height. Typical applications might include packing stations, heavy machinery such as drill presses, lathes and saws, individual work cells or work areas where height is a problem. The WP-400 may be used in a clean room environment since the lifting source is an electric linear actuator. An ergonomic anti-fatigue mat is included on the platform. For minimizing cumulative trauma injuries, the Linearizerô is the obvious choice.'


'The Posi-Crank ergonomic work station is an economical variable height worker positioner. With a simple turn of a crank, the platform height may be adjusted to the optimum ergonomic level suitable for each operator. Benefits of the Posi-Crank include minimizing the risk of cumulative trauma injuries, back injuries and fatigue while maximizing efficiency and operator morale. The Posi-Crank incorporates the use of acme threaded rods and a series of gears for simple yet effective height adjustment. A heavy duty chain is used in lieu of a belt to ensure a positive working height without risk of slippage. The crank handle may be removed and placed on the handle holder for maximizing the operating space. The deck is constructed of 1/8" steel tread plate for strength and the best traction. Maximum capacity is 500 pounds. Vertical travel range is 3" lowered to 19" raised. The Posi-Crank is constructed of steel to provide for years of service. The unit is painted blue. Optional anti-fatigue matting is safety yellow. '


'The Add-A-Level is constructed from a high-density polyethylene resin which is 100% recycled. The capacity is 250 pounds per square foot. The unit is available in three different heights (2-5/8", 5-1/4" or 7-7/8") and four different overall top sizes (24" x 36", 24" x 48", 24" x 96" and 36" x 96"). Color is black. Raise to optimum working level Raise off concrete floors onto "Anti-Fatigue" surface. Raise above uneven broken floors Raise above wet and cold floors (Keep feet at room temperature, not floor temperature) Raise out of oily and/or corrosive liquids.'