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Multibelt Sorter

Multi-Belt Sorters

Ideal for shipping and/or receiving operations with a high rate, high volume requirement.

Can accomplish rates up to 100 cartons per minute* at speeds up to 400 ft. per minute.

Transports product on a surface of multiple belts. Each belt is properly tensioned by an individual spring take-up.

The belt tracks feature a unique "rolling design", that results in a longer belt life, quieter operation, and a reduction in necessary horsepower.

The AutoSort 16 uses a divert point that consists of a series of pop-up wheels that are angled at 30°. These wheels are driven by the main conveyor and require no additional drives.

The AutoSort 17 uses a divert point that consists of pop-up rollers that are angled at 90°.

The multi-belt sorter is a modular system that is composed of a drive section, intermediate bed(s), divert bed(s), and a tail section.