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Special Realizations

Realizaciones especiales

Mecalux studies, designs, develops and installs any storage system as a function of the characteristics and special problems of each store.

There is a Mecalux solution for any need storage.


  • Advice, study, development and implementation of specific projects.
  • Extensive experience in performing the most varied adaptations to specific storage needs.
  • Rapid, effective and guaranteed answers.

Rack Cantilever

Rack cantilever

Specially designed for the storage of large cargo units or varying length, is characterized by a very simple structure comprised of a series of columns and cantilever arms over which the load is placed. Depending on the height and weight of the goods, you can choose between the rack light or heavy rack. Both offer the possibility of placing a single level or both sides of the structure.

The cargo handling can be performed manually when is lightweight or hoist, and lifting means suitable when they are heavy.


  • Perfect for storing rods, profiles, tubes, wood, etc.
  • Simplicity of structure and strength.




Mezzanines allow maximizing the usable height of a local doubling or tripling the surface and conditioning as storage areas, locker rooms, offices, etc..

The installation of a mezzanine floor is the best solution to maximize space available. They can occupy the entire surface or only the higher areas of the building.

These systems are fully removable and reusable, easily be modified its structure, dimensions and location.


  • Multiply surface ships and local.

  • Adaptable to the specific needs of each client, thanks to the wide variety of measures, types of floors, construction systems, etc.

  • Quick and simple assembly.

  • Complement other systems existing, shelves or racks.