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Best/Flex Power 1.5 Roller Conveyor

Ideally suited for truck loading and unloading, distribution centers, packaging, portable assembly lines, shipping and receiving.

- 100 lbs. capacity per linear foot

- 31.5 to 44.5 inch adjustable conveyor height

- 18, 24 and 30 inch conveyor widths

- Available in any length to fit your applications



Continuous Duty Multiple Drive Motors

Line speed is adjustable from 0 to 120 feet per minute. Start/Stop cycle 300 times per hour. On/Off switches at both ends. Approximately 3 amps per 12 foot of conveyor. Durable DC drive motors with 120VAC. Optional 230VAC available.

Self Tracking

Cartons follow the twists and turns of the conveyor path without using engineered curves.

Adjustable Height

Simply turn the locking knob to raise or lower the conveyor bed height.

1.5 inch Rollers

Heavy duty 16 gauge precision bearing rollers on 12mm axles for greater durability.

1.59 inch Side Plates

Aluminum alloy construction features a ribbed design for added durability. Assembled with bolts and lock nuts.

Casters with brakes

6 x 2 inch swivel casters roll easily. Some casters with brakes to lock wheel while the conveyor is in use.

Square Tubing Legs

BEST was the first in the industry to offer heavy duty square tubing legs for longer service life.



AC Motors

Lower maintenance requirements since there are no brushes to change as on a standard DC motor.

SuperOptics Electronics for Product Control

Gives BEST/FLEX POWER conveyors superior product flow control and improved ergonomics to cut labor costs and improve performance. Using Reflective or Read-Between-The-Rollers photo cells, you can get the benefits of zero-pressure accumulation and an electronic package stop.

Electronic Package Stop

Automatically stops cartons at the discharge end of the conveyor. When carton is removed, conveyor starts again to bring next carton into position.

Zero-Pressure Accumulation

Electronic controls enable cartons to move directly to the discharge end without stopping until they reach the last zone of accumulation.


Reflective photo cells allow you to control the space between cartons for easier handling and barcode reading.

Leg Connect Brackets

Easily connects two or more conveyors to span greater distances.

Axle Centers

Standard 5 inch axle centers. Optional 3 and 4 inch axle centers are available for small package applications.

8 x 2 inch Swivel Casters

For easier rolling over uneven surfaces. Adds 2 inches to conveyor height.

Width Model Std Length (Compacted to Expanded)* Leg Sets Per Unit Roller Axle Centers (Extended) Approx. Shipping Weight *
18 in. B/FP(1.5)-18-12 4 ft to 12 ft 5 5 in 354 lbs.
18 in. B/FP(1.5)-18-24 8 ft to 24 ft 8 5 in 707 lbs.
18 in. B/FP(1.5)-18-36 12 ft to 36 ft 11 5 in 1,083 lbs.
18 in. B/FP(1.5)-18-48 16 ft to 48 ft 14 5 in 1,415 lbs.
24 in. B/FP(1.5)-24-12 4 ft to 12 ft 5 5 in 415 lbs.
24 in. B/FP(1.5)-24-24 8 ft to 24 ft 8 5 in 815 lbs.
24 in. B/FP(1.5)-24-36 12 ft to 36 ft 11 5 in 1,248 lbs.
24 in. B/FP(1.5)-24-48 16 ft to 48 ft 14 5 in 1,630 lbs.
30 in. B/FP(1.5)-30-12 4 ft to 12 ft 5 5 in 494 lbs.
30 in. B/FP(1.5)-30-24 8 ft to 24 ft 8 5 in 936 lbs.
30 in. B/FP(1.5)-30-36 12 ft to 36 ft 11 5 in 1,437 lbs.
30 in. B/FP(1.5)-30-48 16 ft to 48 ft 14 5 in 1,871 lbs.

* Compacted lengths and shipping weights listed above are based on standard 5 inch axle centers. Optional axle centers affect compacted conveyor lengths and shipping weights. Consult our Sales Team for assistance.

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