Pick-to-Light System

The digital picking system is a piece-picking system in which products are picked according to the instructions on the digital display attached to the shelf. The system can be built for a wide range of applications, from low-mix high-volume to high-mix low-volume. Since the scope of the worker’s responsibility is clear, and the instructions and quantity of products are displayed, work efficiency can be improved and picking errors can be greatly reduced compared to the paper list method.

The digital display can be mounted on a variety of racks, making it easy to build a digital picking system to suit the type of cargo and application. The system is also used in combination with automated warehouses for storage and picking systems. We have a wealth of experience in order picking of food and daily necessities in wholesale, e-commerce and retail industries.

Picking Cart System

Picking Cart System is a walk-through picking using handcart equipped with totes, weight scale and inspection devices. It provides “picking”, “inspection” and “sorting” functions at the same time and best fits for picking of slow moving items.

An operator picks items following instructions given on the cart display, and scans item barcodes to confirm type and quantity of picked items. The cart has an integrated weight scale which simultaneously double-checks picked items by weight.

The system provides approximately 50% greater efficiency and accuracy than conventional list picking operations.

Put-to-Light System

Put-to-Light system is the half-automated sorting solution for order preparation and it provides higher efficiency and accuracy than list picking.

The system consists of rack with display units similarly to Pick-to-Light. Operators walk through rack aisles, placing items into totes in racks following the display instructions.

Put-to-Light system is perfect for order preparation of goods that are immediately shipping on receipt, without going through storage process.