Lift Tilt Scissor Table

Electric Hidraulic Lift Tilt Table

Performs both lifting and tilting operations. 45° tilt standard. Restraining chain and 12" high lip keep load in place during tilting. Safety features include: electric toe guard to shield worker from pinch points during lowering of table, velocity fuses to stop travel due to loss of hydraulic pressure, 4 push-button hand pendent control on an 8 foot coil cord, upper limit switch to stop travel at maximum height reducing motor wear and maintenace prop. End tilt standard, side tilt available. Optional accordion skiriting available for both the lifting and tilting portions of the table, contact factory.

Design Features:

Steel Cradle is 12" high, open design allows loading/unloading from three sides.
Unique link tilt design center of load remains closer to the center of the table to increase safety and minimize space requirements.
Brass Velocity fuse in cylinder prevents drop of table in event of hydraulic failure.
45 degree maximum tilt, 36" of vertical travel
Slot lock and restraint chain.
NEMA-4 hand control provides a weatherproof case for years of durability. Fused 24 Volt control helps to ensure operator safety.
Perimeter pinch point guard
Industrial quality, 56 frame, 2 HP motor delivers best torque with minimal amperage draw and maximum life.
Upper Travel limit switch is field adjustable 3000 PSI component rating on crimped hoses and fittings.