Line Sorter

Line sorter solves the application challenge of automatic sorting in smaller sites. It
optimizes the structure based on the traditional cross-belt sorter to change the horizontal
circulation pattern to a vertical circulation, resulting in a more compact product structure which
saves space and is more compatible with sorting sites.

Technical Item Single-deck
Carrier size(pitch × width)(mm) 300×700
Carrier belt size(mm) 1470×275×1.5
Carrier belt drive mode Drum motor
Onboard power supply method Insulated conductor rails / Wireless power supply
Sorting capacity(pcs/h)
Note: at speed of 1.5m/s
Sorting accuracy ≥99.98%
Maximum speed of sorting line 1.5m/s
Sorting line drive mode Asynchronous motor + reducer
Whether with protective device /
Size of sortable item(mm) 150×150×50 ~ 300×300×300
Weight of sortable items(kg) 0.05~30
Parcel infeed mode Automatic parcel infeed / manual parcel infeed
Image recognition Six-sided scanning / top-side scanning
IOB detection Optional