Mexico Business Awards 2018

Established in 1999, Conveyroll is a Mexican company integrator in the material handling, with a solid base of more than 10 million USD in annual sales and more than 60 sortation systems installed in Mexico and Central America.

In 2017, the company consolidated to leadership as an integrator in Mexico, with 100% Mexican engineering and workforce. Since then, it has also developed sorter systems of more than 6,000 packages per hour, with interfaces developed in WMS, WCS, ERP'S.

Additionally, the firm has crated replenishment systems with the MBS sorter which have capacity of 4,000 packages per hour, as well as pick and pass systems processing 4,000 packages per hour and with interfaces in the WMS INFOR system.
From the smallest component to the largest carrier, Conveyroll systems are unsurpassed in a period greater performance and reliability. The firm has built and maintained a reputation for a constant commitment to quality in every detail, from engineering to manufacturing, installation, training, and customer acceptance.

Building upon this reputation and growing it is the firm's ongoing focus. With the new corporate offices located in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas and the new assembly and development center located in Silao, Guanajuato, Conveyroll has proved itself committed to driving continued growth. There is also a new sister company for automation and control Mahtec Automation, everything together ensueres having the staff and financial, technical and adimistrative infraestructure for the best option in the Mexican market.

Ultimately, Conveyroll is committed to its ongoing success and remains dedicated to driving further achievement and growth over the years ahead.