Sorting Carrier
The sorting carrier is the load unit for handling materials. Hundreds of thousands of carriers run inside a fixed track, receiving goods from the infeed station and dropping them in front of the chute, to realize a closed conveying and sorting system for carrying and sorting goods.
No. Part Name Average maintenance time
1 DNDN8-60 adjusting bolts Replacement and maintenance of the whole carrier: 15min
Replacement and maintenance of drum motor or driven roller: 20min
2 GB/T16674-1996 Hexagon head flange bolts (small series) M8×20
3 GB/T5782-2000 Hexagonal head bolts Grade A and B M8×40
4 GB/T6170-20001 hexagon nuts Grade A and B M8
5 GB/T6172.1-2000 hexagon thin nuts Grade A and B M16
6 ≥GB/T93-1987 standard elastic washer (assembly) 8×2.1
7 GB/T95-2002 flat washers Grade C 16×3
8 GB/T95-2002 flat washer Grade C 8×1.6
9 WZZX-08-01-00 carrier side plate 1 assembly
10 WZZX-08-02-00 carrier side plate 2 assembly
11 WZZX-08-03-00 carrier cross plate assembly
12 WZZX-08-04-01 cover plate
13 WZZX-08-00-01 carrier drive mounting plate
14 WZZX-08-00-02 carrier triangular aluminum plate
15 WZZX-08-00-03 thick gasket for carrier
16 WZZX-08-00-04 carrier cone plate
17 Discharging control box
18 Carrier belt
19 Drum motor
20 Cover plate 2