Picking Solutions

Our picking solutions are designed to increase picking efficiency and picking accuracy. We offer voice and light directed solutions as well as our patented HYBRID solution which combines the benefits of both light and voice directed picking technologies.

Types of Picking Solutions

'CAPS Pick-to-Light CAPS Put-to-Light CAPS Mobile Cart'
'Wynright has partnered with Vocollect to bring you the industry's leading end-to-end voice solution, Vocollect's Voice Warehouse Solution. Specifically designed to excel in challenging industrial-warehouse environments, your Vocollect Voice Solution is precisely tailored to your specific business needs.'
'Wynright's revolutionary design (patent pending) combines lights and voice, into a seamless, highly productive picking experience. HYBRID provides the user with a visual representation of required product, followed by structured voice instructions to complete the pick.'
'Carousels are an affordable way to increase accuracy and productivity. In fact, a horizontal carousel usually costs no more than a well-equipped forklift truck.'
'Simplify multi-bay picking and streamline returns processing Visual Sort is a customized system that enables more efficient tracking and restocking of returned inventory as well as combine the picking of parts in a two-bay system based on a bill of materials.'