Automated storage

Decrease your operating expenses while increasing efficiency

Automated storage and retreival systems will help your company cut expenses by minimizing the amount of unnecessary parts and products in storage, while improving organization of the contents of your warehouse.

Wynright’s Robotic Buffer is an ideal solution for applications where an intermediate buffer is required. Volume imbalance between processes create additional labor costs, and floor space for stagin product comes at a premium. Where other conventional approaches to product buffering are cost or space prohibitive, this offers proven technology in an innovative arrangement.

The shuttle rack is a superfast mini-load AS/RS system used for picking and shipment sorting. The system has a cart positioned on each rack level.

The mini load is a high-speed, high-density buffer that can replace conventional static rack to maximize vertical storage space within a compact footprint. The mini load moves and stores irregularly shaped goods or parts placed in stacking totes, collapsible totes, nesting containers, case/cardboard boxes and bins. The system handles weight up to 662 lbs and the rack height ranges from 10-66 feet.

Wynright’s unit load is a high-density pallet buffer designed to maximize vertical storage space while maintaining a compact footprint. Several models are available to handle pallet loads up to 6,600 lbs, and rack heights up to 131 ft. The unit load can also be used to store long or bulky items, hazardous materials and it is ideal for freezer and low-noise applications. In addition to a standard unit load, a double deep rack configuration is available.